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          Masonry heater (or masonry stove, ceramic stove or tile stove) not only provides warmth, it also provides comfort and cosy environment for communication.

          If you are visiting this webpage, this means you are interested and considering installation of one of them in your home.

          15 years ago when I was building my own house, I was also looking for a heating method and considering various options. It is not a secret that I had many suggestions and offers. One master of masonry heaters persuaded me to build a firewood stove. He told me that masonry heater not only provides heating and comfort, but also possibility to cook food. Furthermore, heat dissipation from the stove provides the most comfort for people. The Master has agreed to install masonry stove in my house with one condition i.e. that I will become his apprentice. I made a decision. I have put so much effort into building a stove for my family that after this Master offered me to work with him together. I was learning patiently until one day I took over my Master’s experience; he was happy for me to work on my own. I am so thankful to him. I have now both, the masonry stove and occupation that I like a lot.

           I participate in stove making workshops and I am also interested in novelty in stove installation as well as materials, I collaborate with other stove makers in Lithuania and Europe so that I can offer you the best stove solution.

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